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Nasteha Abdullahi, EIT

Nasteha Abdullahi

Nasteha Abdullahi is an Analyst with over 2 years of professional experience and a postgraduate degree focused in Transportation Engineering and Planning.

With a passion for sustainable transportation, Nasteha started her career in the public sector at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) where she provided technical support to the Subway Infrastructure Maintenance Engineering department. With an emphasis on extensive data collection via site visits and archive studies, her analysis and CADD work pertaining to subway assets supported the department’s structural engineering reviews to protect and maintain TTC structures.

Informed by her unique career path, Nasteha‘s role at CGH allows her to complete Traffic Impact Studies to support commercial, residential, and public developments with an approach that leverages technical research and analysis as well as her commitment to informing engineering solutions that align with municipal policies and sustainable transportation goals.

Nasteha holds a Master of Engineering of Applied Science from the University of Toronto.

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